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Chillimail, what is it?

Chillimail is a free email, respecting your privacy, multi-domain and open to all.

Chillimail make strong commitments to respect your privacy.

Corporate or fun, it will adapt to your needs with many areas.

A webmail is available to facilitate your access to your messages, but you can use chillimail with your own messaging software.

10GB of capacity!

In order to fully enjoy your email, we'll give you 10GB of storage capacity for your account.

Several available domains

You have a choice! Many domains are available for your messaging.

You may as well have a professional use with short and conventional domains or more fun with areas for more personal use.

We are adding new domains regularly.
See the available domains

Anti-virus and anti-spam treatment

Every incoming email is scanned by our security tools.
Emails containing viruses or risky items are quarantined on our servers.

Emails seen as spam are sent directly in your spam box

Emails that you consider to be spam can also be marked, this way, the webmail learns and when another reception of this message, or similar content, it will be directly placed in spam.

The security tools used are updated every night to ensure a thorough knowledge of virus databases and security vulnerabilities.

Respect for privacy

Chillimail is committed never to record, analyze or process your messages, as well as their content.

In the same way, none of your contacts or recipients will be recorded by our tools. >
Chillimail is a free messenger.
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Webmail Features

- secure SSL access and sending - automatic tagging of emails read
- tracking sent email attachments
- notification option when receiving emails
- message ranking option in discussions
- complete spam management
- quick responses to received messages
- advanced editor for writing messages
- complete directory management
- access to settings for operation
- choice of language (35 languages ​​available)
- synchronizations caldav
- full address book
- import and export of vcard
- creation of groups of contacts
- semi-seizures Automatic Addresses

Attachment Images in Email Body
- Add Attachments Dragged / Dropped to 10MB
- Signing Your Messages
- No Ads or Chillimail signature in the body of the messages

General Features

You can use chillimail with our webmail or with your own messaging software (outlook, thunderbird, mail, ...).

Our servers have a reputation of 10/10 and are recognized reliable

We do not distribute any advertising or signature in the body of the messages.The only publicity visible is that present on the site.

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