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Chillimail, respect your privacy

Do you know that the majority of free e-mail services keep, order and analyze your emails?
Do you know that based on these elements, they are a virtual profile of your life and activities?

Chillimail is committed to never storing, archiving or analyzing your messages.
Your emails and the information contained therein remain your property and will never be processed by chillimail.

Respect of your personal data

We take a strong commitment to protect your privacy.

Chillimail is a transparent messaging service, you can use it freely, respecting our conditions of use and service.

These conditions are visible here.

No storage of your messages

Chillimail does not keep or archive any of your messages Your exchanges remain your property

The mails on our servers are never consulted, exploited or analyzed, they are only there to ensure the courier service.

No registration of your contacts

At no time, when sending or receiving your messages, do we save or keep your contacts.
No emails are recorded, no recipients are stored.

No transfer of your registration data

Chillimail does not collect information about you until you register for our services.
This is information you want to send us.

This information is very limited , partly optional and remain confidential and secure on chillimail.

And advertising on Chillimail?

As you could see on the site, advertising is present.

This is our advertising and our premium subscriptions that we maintain the services of chillimail.

This advertisement is always broadcast by third parties (google, criteo, ...), never by chillimail.

No treatment of the contents of your messages

This is an essential aspect of our approach:
The content of your messages.

Do you know that many companies on the internet that offer free messaging build your profile with the content of your messages?

Chillimail is committed never to consult, analyze and archive the content of your messages and whatever the goal is.

It is a strong commitment of our part.

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