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Tracking, Tracking and Deliverability

You are sending quotes, offers, reminders? ...

Chillimail provides notification and tracking capabilities for your emails and attachments.
You know when your emails are read, you know when your attachments are viewed, essential data for tracking your emails. customers, your members or other.

These added-value features are only available through our webmail.

Tracking attachments

In addition to the opening markings of your sent emails, Chillimail also offers to track your attachments.

Great prospects for professional uses such as sending quotes, orders, resumes, ...

Tracking lets you know when and how often your recipient consults your documents. attachments.
For this, we provide you with a link by attachment that you must place in the body of your message.

By clicking on this link, your recipient will be able to consult your attachment. > This is when we save the consultation data.

The tracking will be created is visible in your webmail.
A single click allows you to see the details (date, hours , IP address, location)

You can use the link in as many messages as you want and see the statistics.

This link works with all the messages, you can use it use in your personal software (outlook, mail, ...).

You can also make the choice to be warned at the mo opening each attachment.

Tracking read emails

Marking tells you when your recipient (s) have opened the email you sent them.

Clear notification is provided for each message sent, all in a dedicated space. >
A simple click allows you to see the details (date, time, IP address, location)

Your recipient will not have to validate any windows and will not know you know he has read your message.

This statement becomes very important if you use your email for business or commercial purposes.

Identify the moment when your recipients consult your quotes, your price offers, your questions instructions, ... allows you to initiate your next steps at key moments, such as phone contacts, reminders, ...

Reputation of 10/10 of our servers

Our servers have a reputation of 10/10!
Test validated on mail-tester.com

The reputation of our servers ensures maximum deliverability for all email providers.

Your messages will never be considered spam.

This is the assurance that all your contacts receive your messages, even if they contain attachments.

The subscription to our premium solution is 5 € TTC / month

To create your premium email and have tracking and tracking functions, first you need to create a free email.
Then you can upgrade to the premium solution.

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